Turning 30 and Life begins

I seem to always do my best thinking while sitting in church. In the past 2 years since I moved to Germany, I can count the number of times I went to a church service using my hands. It used to be quite different in America. Today, I was sitting in a Catholic church for  a memorial service for a friend of the family. The priest was speaking in German, and while my German has improved over the two years, I had trouble following what was going on. This gave me time to think, and also scan the crowds. I thought about my life: “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” I also thought about my future, and the and all of the goals that I hoped to achieve by the time I turned 30.

I will be 30 in the middle of November, and there are so many goals that I have failed to live up to. I know that I will not be able to attain them if I started now, but many I am not discouraged about. The closer I became to 30, the more I realized that 30 is really not that old, unless you are a sports athlete ( which some of my goals did reflect on athleticism.) I do though want to start trying to reach those goals though, before I let time fly by. Once I became 21, time speeded up and never slowed down. Never again, will I utter the words “I can’t wait…” I learned that I can, and I would love more time.

In this moment I turn to my wife, who is 7 months pregnant and we smile as we are listening to the sermon. Having a kid around the age of 30 seems a bit old, at least that is how I would have felt if I was still in America. In Europe, 30 is the perfect time.  I believe I will be a great father, but I am still worried. Being a parent is a tough job, and trying to be a parent while living in a foreign country makes it seem even harder, but I shall make it.

I have been stalling long enough, that seems to be one of my best habits, (stalling and being self critical is the other). The  reason for this blog is that I want to start achieving some of the goals that I have always set out to do:

  • Survive in Germany: I want to fully immigrate to the German Culture by being a humble immigrant, learn the culture and language and excel. I have been here two years and I have made great progress.
  • Be a great Husband: I will document all of the trials we have in our relationship. Of course our relationship is great, however we have had to overcome culture Differences. She is German, I am American, She is what we would call White, and I am Black. We have learned a lot from each other about understanding how culture views our relationship
  • Be a great father: The most information will come from here once the baby is born and as I learn how to be a father. I have all of these ideas about being a father and I know how I think I will be, but everyone keeps telling me how it will be different… I love how people like to give advice here…
  • The last thing is where I want to start fresh. I still have ideas about being an athlete, not to play sports but to have a body like a model. I have never had that. The older I get though, the harder it will be to achieve that goal. When I heat 30, it seems that the body starts to fall apart. I plan on doing all of the things that I used to say I would do. “I will be able to dunk by next year,”  I would commonly say after the teacher vs faculty game. yet, I never could. This is where it all starts to try to reach those goals and be better than I have ever been. 30

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