Trials of being a Parent post 1!

mixed-family-clipart-1.jpgcourtesy of clipart.

Around November, Justus will be born to two loving parents. I am very nervous about this but I have been wondering about things. Of course I think about topics such as what will my child like to do, will he like similar activities as me. How will his sleep schedule be, etc. I think about both good and bad things like all parents thinka bout. There are other areas though that I also worry about, how will my child deal with racism (he will be half African American and half German)? I think about this because racism does exist and everyone that I know has had to deal with racism and people like my wife, who never seemed to notice it before, has been confroted by it more because of me.

At times, maybe I am a little paranoid. Of course, I know not everyone is out to get me, but I do worry. I think about how old will my child be before he is faced with comments and question, or faced with racism in which people try to be cute. One parent gave the example of what people have said to her when she was with her baby,”I love cute chocolate babies.”

I am sad that I think about this so much, but I hear and read about racism all the time. Whether it is what I am reading about in America right now. It seems a lot worse since I am not there in the middle, and of course I discuss the topic with people here. Just like in America though, it seems that the majority, (Caucasians, whether here in Europe or in America) seems to not notice as much until it is pointed out to them. With all of the terrorist threats happening, many people fear the refugees coming into Europe. When discussing this topic, everyone notices, but with other races, not everyone is willing to understand or to see the racism. Typical responses that I get is ” Oh, you are just being paranoid;” The people just need an excuse, if they work hard they could achieve everything;” “You are overreacting, they didn’t mean it that way.” ” naw it isn’t, racism if it is true, ‘they’ are always stealing, fighting, (fill in the blank). If they don’t want to be judged then they need stop behaving like that.”

While I will admit I do try to see things from their perspective, but what I realize is that no one wants to admit that we all have prejudices and are quite judgemental. In other words, all of us are a little racist, some are just more than others. Why do I bring this up? the people that I interact with on a daily basis, will be in my son’s life. Because of my son, they may be a witness to racism. I just want awareness so that when it happens, because it will happen, they it will play a small role in my child’s life and will not hold him back.


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