My stubbornness grows with age.

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

A teacher once told me that the older I will be, the more conservative I would become. In my mind, I told myself how wrong he was. I figured I would always be able to adapt to change. Never the less, I do find myself often reflecting on the good ol’ times.” I am only 29. Even though I used to think that 30 was when I would want to be set, life has forced me to view things differently. I embrace the future, but with fear. I embrace technology, but I find myself at a stand still of trying to learn more. I just learn enough to get by. See that is the problem though. There will come a point were I will have the tools necessary for my daily routines and I will stick with them. During that time, my son will be born and time, politics, technology will continue to change the world. In my box, life will be just fine. Until I decide, or am forced to step out and boom, I will realize how fast life developed.

The world is constanly changing. I touted myself as being smart and world renowned, but I had become set in my ways. It wasn’t until I had to leave my nest and I moved to Europe that I began to see life from another perspective. I do realize how conservative my views has become. I was a die heart democrat, but now I am a moderate. Up until this current election, I was probably leaning toward voting more conservatively. The current political set up though in America does have me leaning back more left that I would really like to.

What I am saying though, something that I used to embrace, I now hate. I have grown to hate change. Instead of being excited about the unknown, I come to fear the unexpected. The only thing that has really changed was my age. I am only 29.


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