Belittling the truth due to being Stubborn

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

Having only two major political parties really limits oneself in way they can vote. Of course the US has many political parties, and if this coming November there will be more than just two candidates on the list. Everyone knows that the it is still a two person race; for the other parties do not matter. I can accept that. What I don’t like is how people tow the party lines even when some arguments are illogical. In every party, you have hardline supporters, ones that no matter who is running for president, governor or etc., is going to vote for that party. Of course majority of people do not agree with everything that party says, but will stay with the party because it has more views similar to their agenda than the other party. When there are only two major party, sometimes you have to pick the less evil of the two. if other parties actually could become stronger, then that would change. It seems politics wants us to assume that everything is Black and White. To think one way on a issue means you have to go 100% all in even if parts are faulty.

Political channels love to promote the agenda of their party, and when the other party does something great, they disregard it and try to find something bad. When the other party does something bad, they jump all over it as if it was the worst thing that could have happened in the history of the country. Sometimes I wish politicians could just admit when the other party do something admirable or stand for something, that is scientifically proven to be real acknowledge it and help find a solution instead of denying it, or insisting on another issue is more credible.  They can’t of course; not if they want to stay face, not if they do not want to lose money and voters. So they have to toethe party line.

This brings me to the issue of the police brutality in America. I wish some of the political people who I watch could just admit that there is a problem in America. Saying that there are a few corrupt police is not saying all police are bad. By saying one does not mean the other is true. It is illogical to think all police are great or all police are bad. I love and trust the police. I do know, however that some are bad, and some are anxious when they are around black people. I am anxious when I am around a group of a single race, and that is all races. I need a mix.

So what do these politicians do whenever someone mentions that there is corruption in the police force? They bring up another topic to say it is more of problem. the topic of chose either comes down to Black on Black crime or there are not enough fathers taking care of their children. Usually they bring on black people to say this – Stacey Dash and Sheriff Clark. I find both of these people interesting, but why are they only asked to talk when it is something against black people. I would love their opinions on other topics. That is beside the point. They bring these people on the show to put down the Black Lives Matter movement. Which in theory is a really great movement. Like all movements though, there are people who are destroying the message and destroying the movement. Of course that is all some people see.

So with the three issues, black on black crime, lack of fathers and police brutality. The lack of fathers is a problem in all communities. In order for a child to have the best chance of success is to have as many positive people in their lives as possible. It starts with the parents. that is a given. Great point but it has nothing to do with the issue with police.

The black on Black crime is another thing that has to be discussed. In this case though, it is mainly criminals doing what criminals do. Terrorizing each other and innocent victims. Usually criminals patrol in their own neighborhoods and communities. If you are black criminal in a black community, the victims will be black. That is a great point, something that has to be solved, for most people, including blacks, will agree that we would like this to change. Once again though, that has nothing to do with the issue of cops brutality on black people, so why bring it up.

Criminals will be criminals but the police are supposed to be the good guys. When the good guys take a heel turn, the world should cry foul. That is the point that some people are missing and that is why it is bad and why it needs to be discussed as a singular thing and not hooked with other problems.

The police, just like any other group have a problem. There are a few bad eggs that are destroying the image and they need to be taken out. Police officers are supposed to protect and serve and most are, but there are some that are not prepared for the job. While not all the cops involved in these brutal confrontations of African-Americans have a bad ideology, there is a problem to how they approach situations blacks versus other races. . Videos on YouTube show white people carrying guns throughout public places. When police respond to the calls, they are calm and ask questions, however when a similar situation happens with black people, the come to the scene with their guns out ready to shoot. the situation has already escalated.

I have to back track, maybe it is not the cops fault from the start. Maybe it is the people who call the cops to the scene in the first place. I can see that. A person sees a black person with a gun and automatically thinks there is a problem. When they call the cops they cause panic so the cops come to the scene already hyped up and ready for action.

That is an excuse for some of the situations, not a great one, but one I can think of. But the majority of the situations reflect something totally different. For there are other times when the cops are just more brutal with black people even if the crime was a misdemeanor. The cops escalate the situation. In these cases, I cannot even try to think of a reason. It’s just wrong. Some people though will not admit it. If I have a basket of good apples and one bad apple. If I say that apple is rotten, that doesn’t mean that the whole basket of apples are bad. Just the one. Is that so hard to say?  I know good police officers and can remember their names and faces. These people, when I see them, a calmness seems to come in the area. I also know a few that have ill intentions. One officer claimed that she knew me, even though we had never met. Her argument was that she knows me because she had arrested me before. I was angry, but I didn’t react, one because it was not true and two all it would have done was turned the minor car accident (someone hit us from behind damaged the bumper) into me getting arrested. It seemed as if she was trying to cause me to get angry just so she could arrest me.

The problem is that the other side will not acknowledge it because maybe they have to tow the company line or maybe they are just too stubborn to admit something is wrong. When you admit there is a problem, then one is obligated to help find a solution, when you are too stubborn to see it, then it is not there.




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