Family that workout together, stays together.

This is a video featuring two of my cousins: Drake Elliott of Drake Elliot fitness and his brother Krayton. Drake, who lost a lot of wet himself, has inspired his older brother to also get in shape. They have over the time started working out and eating together. They make videos to document progress, to inspire, as well as to hold each other accountable. As they are proving though, it takes time to lose weight and get in shape. It will not happen overnight. The main factor is to keep going and make lifestyle changes.

I am most happy about are that they are doing it as a family. Drake has inspired so many people in our family, and I hope he is inspiring members in other families as well. Tis is part of ther eason wy I want to start back working out. I want to reach goals, that seemd to always be right out of my reach. Krayton and his wife have two kids, krayton works two jobs, yet he has found the time to lose 50 lbs so far. They are on a mission to reach greatness and I will do my best to join in the bandwagon and ride it to my own success. I am joining team Drake!!!


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