New Life at 30 8.8.16

On November 15, I will become 30 years old. even though I am not experiencing a midlife crisis, I see this is a great point to reflect on my life and see if I have achieved all of the things that I would have liked to achieve.

When I was younger and was at the Barber Shop, the men were talking about birthdays and age. My barber stated “After I turned 30, I stopped counting my age.” For years i took that to heart. It didn’t help that whenever mom had her birthday she would always say “I am 27 and holding.” I really took this to heart. The older I became though, the more I realized that 30 was not the end of life, but I couldn’t shake my ideas. Most sports athletes are in their peak late 20s and and at 30, they are still doing good, after 30 though, when they start to make a few mistakes, it seems that the media would instantly claim that the players had lost their steps. When they would have a great game, the media would discuss about the flash of the past. At 30 men start complaining about their backs, knees and talking about the glory days.

Maybe because I am so close to 30, and I am not ready to look at life as if I am in the end of my life. Reflecting on my life, I have accomplished many things. I was a teacher, I became a soccer coach. There were things though that I did not accomplish. On a few of these things I would begin every sentence with “Next year, I will….” I told myself I would be able to dunk a basketball on a regulation goal; I would be debt free; I will have a family, I would be built like Dwayne Johnson. I will be…

I will be happily married for two years and by November 2nd, I will be a proud father of a little boy. I will always be the proudest of these two things for the rest of my life. This could have later in life, there was no time period. I did say I would like to be young so that I can I could play with my grandkids if my children are blessed with children. These other goals though are goals that I do want to get taken care of. Some are for my own personal confidence. I feel that getting in shape and eating better would benefit my confidence to get in a pool or just go outside more. Other goals are about setting up my future. Bottom line I will start now. I will not say I have met the end and ran out of chances, new chances will come. Watching my family grow and become stronger. The biggest thing I will stop saying I will. Today is more important than tomorrow, for what I what I do today will shape tomorrow.

I will use this blog to hold myself accountable. New Life begins at 30, a new take on life starts now.


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