Trials of being a parent: Shopping addiction

Baby-Bird-Stroller-300pxcourtesy of CDJ of

It is quite obvious that parents want to provide their children with everything in life, and give them a better life than they had. My baby boy who will be born around November 2nd is not even born yet, but we have been buying things, too many things. It is one thing to be prepared, it is another to overspend. This is the first child for my wife, Silvia and I, and we are going all out. Have we become addicted to shopping?

I am Mr. Banks and I am a shopaholic. This line doesn’t seem to fit after I make a quick point about me. I would consider myself a frugal spender. I hate to spend money. Years of money mismanagement, made me realize I need to do better. The problem has been though, is that I went over the line of doing better to being cheap. Which leads to days of just pure weakness when I give in. I am in the stages of trying to rise out of debt, become a better money manager. This is something that I would love to write about, because I have been struggling. I had the best mom, but she never really taught me how to manage money. We were always taught to give unto others. My mom would give the shirt off her back to help others. I will always continue to help others, but there is to where you have to be sure you are well taken care of so you can better help others.

Just helping people didn’t lead me to financial problems. Getting into situations with low credit, credit cards aided into this as well. Never the less I have become frugal. that is until about 3 months ago. Even though I am still cheap when it comes to myself, for my kid though, I want him to have everything. When I see things that I think are cute, I have to buy it. Clothes, toys, books. we have ideas about when the kids will wear the clothes and on what occasion. My wife just recently told me that we have clothes that will not match those dates. It seems we have so many clothes until the child will literally be able to wear one time and then would not have to wear it again. We might still have enough clothes to spare for the second child that we plan on having. What happened?

I am writing this because I have to stop… no more clothes for the boy, at least not until he is born. No more toys. I am buying toys for the future, but who knows if he will like the things that I used to liked. Silvia had to tell me not to buy something because he might not be interested in it, and it is too far away. I wanted to get him a wooden toy store shop. They were having a sale at a store and I felt it was a great investment in the future. By now so we don’t have to pay full price later.

My wife is happy because she sees the joy I have for our future son. She loves that, but then she brings me back down to earth in ways I will be able to think. when we plan on moving back to America, this would be more stuff we have to pack up and figure out a way to get back home; that quickly brings me back to reality.

I will continue to buy books though. I am buying books in German, books that I feel I great stories. When we move to America, finding books in German will almost be impossible.  buying and buying books online is not the same. I like to preview the books and see what the books are about before I buy them. Of course I will buy the books though that I feel are good online. If I already know about them, then I can compile a list and buy later, but for the titles. So my days will slow down. I will try to make sure that my child has a financial future and not one where he has too much and will have a life of debt, because I gave more than I actually had. addiction is always there, I just hope now I am recovering and I stay sober.


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