We just bought a new CAR!!! well a baby Carriage


We have a new car!!! OK, well it is a Kinderwagen ( a baby stroller). We have the Cadillac of strollers. This is the Teutonia Be You Elite 2016 model Usually I am not about brand names. Seems that many brand names now are mainly just names and no quality, at least that is how it seems with many products (clothes specifically) When it comes to equipment, usually the name still represents quality. In Germany, a name still represents quality first and everything else second.  So when my wife decided to buy this stroller, I was not worried that it  because this is  a product that we will using for our son and our next child in the future.

It came in the mail today. I do like quality. It does seem to be well put together and the accessories function. I haven’t dealt with many strollers, but I do see which ones people used in America and I see the ones people use here. In America, where most people don’t walk as much,  something so fancy and expensive seems not to be necessary, however, in a community in which walking is a requirement, having something with sturdier wheels is needed. especially when the parts of the walk go from solid pavement, to bricks and sometimes even rocks.  We were able to buy the product for a good deal. This is the 2016 model, and just like cars, they are getting ready to put out next years model so there is a sale going on. This model glides with ease over different surfaces with little effort.

Folding up the product for transport was very simple as well as changing out the baby carriage to the part for when the child is older. there are many attachments that can be bought for this stroller. We have the chance to buy a car seat that can attach to it so we wouldn’t have to carry both parts. If this is standard, then I i wouldn’t know it.

We had originally chosen another stroller from Teutonia, but due to shipping errors, and the company being sold out of the style we wanted we switched to this model The differences seemed to be only cosmetic. and the other one featured a soft shell baby carriage where as this one has a hard one, which gives more protection. I have to give a shout out to the Babywalz company. I do not know the name of the employer, but she was very good at helping correct the error, and to get a product delivered to us. Also will have to give a shutout the the DHL driver. Very funny, even though he had to carry a very huge box back and forth for three different trips.

I never knew strollers were such a big thing. It was like buying a car with. There are so many brands and models. to choose from. I do plan on buying a baby carriage that I can attach to a bike or run with. That is in the future. For everyday use though, I highly recommend this model and any upcoming models. Another time I am learning about as we prepare for Baby Justus to come into the world. Will update the post when I actually get to test it out.


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