Don King, The best political correspondent.




Don King, is probably the most underrated promoter in the world. The man is a fast talker, seems a little bit crazy, but always entertaining. his legend is mythical: He could sell a person anything when he wanted and convince you that is what you needed. Even when you feel that he could be a wolf in sheep clothing, and were angry at him, people would still buy into what he was selling.

I get all of my information about American politics from the web. I read the latest stories on yahoo or msn, and then go to YouTube and watch videos from all news sources. This includes Fox News, CNN, Tv One  Roland Martin, and many others. While many of the videos are comical, and they show biased opinions. There are some instances where I feel that the hosts are giving somewhat of an unbiased opinion. Of course it is hard. All platforms survive off of viewership. The more viewers the more money and power the show has. Usually the audience is pretty much one sided on political views which means the pieces are usually pro one side. Rarely are they able to just tell unbiased truth, they always have to lean a certain way that their audience wants them to.

When they do try not to lean, they are called all kind of names from both sides. I would like to think people want the truth, but really it is true. People can’t handle the truth. Most correspondents that go on different shows, know their role on the shows. They are on the show to push a certain agenda, and when someone is the opposing guest, the questions are usually twisted in a way in which they seem ignorant or argumentative.

For example Fox news always brings on their pro republican candidates and it seems the first thing they say is “Clinton is bad.” or something to that degree and that guarantees they will be back on the show. I don’t think one time did Don King put down Clinton, at least not as a bad person. it seems his agenda is to promote Trump. He is showing he can promote his choice without putting down the other  When the other correspondents are asked questions about Trump and his clear mistakes, they try to go around the question but always it seems so painful. Don King just says He is not a politician, and he will learn how to be President. In one with Roland Martin, he stated that are not born a politician, do not inherit it, you have to learn it. While he still didn’t give the answer that people were looking for, he gave something that people at least have to agree with. He is great at what he does.

Going through the clips though, only one person seems to say how he feel and get his points across and that was Don King. Even when he was supposed to lean a certain way, being the politician/promoter he is, he knew how to conduct himself to get out what he wanted to say. While he seems to be a media hog, fighting to stay relevant, he will find away to make sure he gets his way.  People need to always remember he is great at promotion and advertising and promoting his brand.

I am not here to praise Don King for his exploits in boxing, or how he allegedly was able to get away from crimes. I also am not making my choice on who I vote for off of what he says, but out of all the correspondents that I have seen on both Fox News and CNN, he has been the most entertaining.  If half of the stuff that they say about Don King is true, then he is one bad man and deserves a movie. That is why I like him in politics.

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