My wife is having a baby


Has a man ever wished he could change places and carry the baby during pregnancy? With each kick, every turn, every development, is it wrong for a man to wish to feel that? On November 2nd, Baby Justus will be born and my world will get turned up side down.  Oh happy day!

Yesterday, baby Justus had the hiccups for the first time and my wife started smiling. With every new development that our future baby has my wife gets very excited and I get excited too. Even though there are times when the baby moves or is in a certain position, my wife is in pain, but she is always smiling. She is loving every moment of being pregnant. I envy her, for I wish I could feel it too. The way she describes how he kicks, when he turns. “Be patient,” she would say as I place my hand on her stomach to feel the kicks. Sometimes he kicks very hard. I see through her smile, a grimace. I smile though, because I don’t want to show her that I noticed her sign of pain.

Every time I look at my wife, her belly seems to have grown. She is getting big, but not to the point where she looks as if she is going to pop and she hasn’t started waddling yet. I wrap my arms around her and tell her how pretty she is. I do my best to inform her how I love her body and how it is changing. I feel that she knows that I am genuine, for I am always finding reasons to place my hand on her belly. I always ask her exactly where is he at this moment and what part of the body is where. It seems he is always “totted up”, lying with his but in the air.

At the same time, I see how my wife feels in the morning. Sometimes she doesn’t feel like getting out of bed, she doesn’t feel like going out. Not that she is sad, but the baby will lay a certain way, like today, and she has constant heart burn. All I say, “Aww baby J, you are giving your mom heartache.” Silvia and I smile and I then go kiss her. of course I am not envious of that. We are both very excited about the baby coming. I even have all of these fantasies of how it will be when the kid cry at night and I pick him up. of course when I am having happy dreams, he gets quiet as soon as he hear my voice. The nights I am having bad dreams, I have to stay up the whole night. Even during the bad dreams though, I wake up smiling.

Silvia told me that babies need as much skin contact with the parents as possible.  “Do I need to shave the hair on my chest?” I asked, se says no, because she doesn’t think the kid would like to feel it when it is prickly. I started to put myself down. I told myself I want to get in better shape. That is for me though. For the kid will not even notice.

I am also getting myself ready for the occasion. I am trying to improve my habits: cleaning up, workout, because when he is here it will be even harder to fix bad habits that I hope he doesn’t develop. I also do not want him to be around my messiness. Kids will pick up anything and put it in their mouth.

My wife is having a baby, and we are overjoyed. When he comes, I will be ready.

*clipart courtesy of clipart Kid*


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