Dear New Member: Confessions from a former Gym Junkie

Dear New member of the gym,

I am sorry for staring at you when first came into the gym, I didn’t mean any disrespect. I am always curious to whoever I share space with. For many of us, the gym is an extension of our homes, it is a community place. We are curious to who is visiting our community. While I can’t speak for all of our compadres, many of us welcome you here. We are inspired when new members join and we hope to inspire you as you reach your goals.

I am writing this today, because I used to be a new member to a gym, and I recognized the awkwardness. One difference was that I had a plan before I went in and others could tell that I had some training before. Also I looked approachable and i was willing to accept any advice. Starting next week, I will once again be the new member coming in, maybe to your gym.  People stare, no matter where you go. Sometimes the stare is what it is, a stare of annoyance but other times it could mean something else. here are some examples some people could be staring

you have bad form: I am staring because your form is wrong and I would like to help you out without imposing on myself. If you keep lifting weights like that, you will end up with very bad pain in your back and not make any gains.

looking at the clock and you: So I am a little annoyed at you. sometimes I am on a tight schedule. I come to the gym at a certain time and usually have to leave at a certain time. When a new member comes in, it throws off my rhythm. Usually people in a gym learn, after few times working out, you plan a schedule around everyone so there is very little interference when you work out. new members throw it of. If you decide to stick with this time, in no time, we will also be able to gel together. The problem is most new people don’t last long… maybe its because i am staring.

give advice: you look lost in the gym. It seems that you would like to ask questions, but you don’t. the group can help give you advice to what combinations they recommend and the number or reps or sets to do depending on goals. Some in here, as you can tell are great at working. We can help.

People watchers: Some people are not there to workout, some people come to the gym only to watch other people workout. They are not just staring at you, they are staring at everyone. They are the ones that we hope you don’t become if you decide to stay. We put up with them, mainly because they are consistently in the gym. They are gym regulars, and they have their place in the gym too, just like you.

maybe though you are doing great and I would like advice from you. I don’t ask, I just watch your actions and try to steal your plan.

When you come to the gym ignore the staring, not everyone is there to be negative. Sorry that we do not always come up and introduce ourselves. you can have your space and we can have ours. We hope you do not quit, and stay focused on your goals. We want you to succeed. If you still become upset about the stares, don’t worry after the people see you there a few times they will start at least smiling.



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