Buying toys for future son based on my own likes.

6824_mllauto1_141734703127I bought toys for my son even though he it is still 10 weeks away from his birth and he wouldn’t be able to play with it until he is around a 18 months old (according to the product suggestion)  Without knowing his likes, I am buying things that I would love. Will he like what I like or am I just spending money?

Children are influenced by their surroundings. From the people in their lives, television books and all forms of media that they are able to see influences their viewpoints. No matter what you bring in front of a child and make it cool, but that doesn’t mean the child will love what they like.  At the same time children may not like something originality and then months later it could become his favorite toy. I can’t go by initial reactions. When I was a child, i wanted to be a garbage man. I wanted to help clean up the world and also I thought it was cool to crush the garbage with a pull of a handle.

Because of my love for toys I bought my future son a book that comes with a toy. The title is Mein kleines Oranges Mullauto. In English it translates to my little orange garbage truck. The authors actually have a whole set of books  and toy combinations similar to this with different vehicles and colors.

Whats even great about this is that the toy is just as good as the book. The Toy is made of wood and has moving parts which will be fun for the child. Which shows its durability. It does not seem to be cheaply made. It comes a long with a book  which describes the daily tasks of what a garbage man does. This will be a toy and company that I will support based on the quality of the products.

Its interesting to buy a toy like this. I don’t know any parent that hopes that their child becomes a garbage man one day, but we all do want our child to respect the work that is being done. We will see who plays with the toy more, me or Justus. I mention this though, because most of the time parents try to direct their children down a certain path, which is a great thing, because we are supposed to guide our children. The problem is that some parents  seem to be overbearing and push the children down a path that they wish they would have gone down as a child. While buying a toy and book does not establish that is my intention, but is it a start of a problem?


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