Healthy Cooking: Tofu Parmigiana

In order to incorporate healthier eating habits in preparation of my family I have been experimenting with alternative sources of protein. This is my attempt at Tofu Parmigiana.

My wife sometimes makes a comment that I have to eat meat with every meal, and for the most part that is true. I do not usually eat meatless meals. I have since i started working out a few years ago and tried to find multiple forms of protein. I also sought out cheaper sources of quality protein. I have found some good cheap sources of proteins, but needed preparation. The biggest goal was alternatives to protein. I have been told that not eating so much meat is bad for the environment. Of course overeating is not good. Finding a way to get all the nutrients needed without overeating was one goal. The other goal was using less animal products and by products.

Some misses were the vegetarian hot dogs, non dairy cheese. Soy milk was OK. What I have loved so far has been black bean burgers. I love beans, and I am willing to try any recipe. Almond milk is great, and now adding to the list is Tofu. This was my first significant time eating Tofu. I think I had it before at a Japanese restaurant (believe it was sweet and fried), but it was not a major focus. This time i used 400 grams of Tofu, the main ingredient. I got the recipe from the app Dinner Spinner and it combines tofu, cheese and tomato sauce. I made the tomato sauce myself. Easy to make and tastes good.

Though, not aesthetically pleasing like I have seen some pictures, it tasted fantastic. The tofu’s texture was good and soft. The cheese, and sauce were also good. i was worried, because I haven’t made sauce too often. I will definitely make this again, but I will also use tofu in other recipes as well.


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