Adventure Time: local Attractions

me travelingPart of my development of the new me is to step outside of myself and to do things that I never would do before. I always hated traveling alone and doing stuff, so I decided to change that by going on trips. So many events happen where around where i live. This weekend I wanted to see them, and I went to them alone.

Saturday 27, I went to shopping type things. Lidl, the grocery store that I use the most has weekly sales on different items outside of food. One week they might have America week, in which they sale food and items from or based in America. The next week will be fishing, sports, etc. After three or so months, they collect everything that did not sale and of course did not go bad and have a sale. I decided to go to it. It was in Solingen, which took me about an hour on a bus to get to the destination. I knew that any of the best items would be taken, bu what if there would be things that I wanted to have but just was not willing to pay full price for. I am always looking for a deal. I had never been to Solingen, outside of the train station, so this was a new experience. First of all the city is pretty. It is clean as far as I could tell. I will definitely go back to the city again, especially if their is a festival in the area, which, if you live in Germany there are always some type of festival.

I ended up going to Eissport Hall, Once I got in range, I knew I was in the right place when I saw people coming out with garbage bags full of stuff. My excitement grew, because maybe I would find some really great things. The impulse to buy is unbelievable, of course you have to be reasonable. some things seemed not to be really on sale, some items were incomplete, mainly because people were pillaging through the items and just throwing it around, it seemed to be chaos. I did find some items that I wanted and I did save money. I will go again. As soon as I left, I decided to go to a used bike sale in Cologne. From Opladen, it could be a 20 min ride, but from Solingen, it seemed to take over an hour. The bus I took stopped at every stop on its way to the train station, there was no a/c, and the sun was out. It was hot. This was one of the times that I wished I had a car. not driving though, I had the chance to look around and focus on what is going on.

I made it to Cologne and once again I had to figure out my way around. This was not a stretch that I was used to taking. The used bike sale was near Koln Arcaden, next to the Burgerpark. I was there late and not as many bikes were there, but I was glad that I went. I didn’t buy a bike, I had the sinking feeling that I was going to get ripped off. that is another topic, but i was glad I went.

ON Sunday, I went to Duesseldorf, because I was supposed to work NRW Tag was going on and also I saw on the way there, that Dusseldorf was also hosting a Gourmet food Festival. I had the chance to participate in both of them. I even had the chance to eat a Deer Bratwurst, it was the best tasting bratwurst I had ever had in my life. I also was able to get a free scoop of ice cream from Emirates taste of the world. I had a banana flavor one, it was fantastic. What I loved most about this festival was that they had unique foods that I would not be able to eat at anytime. Even the traditional foods, many had unique spin that I would love. Most of the festivals around here usually have unique beer. Te thing is I do not drink, so I do not get to participate in it. For NRW Tag, i dressed up as a horse, that was part of my job. It didn’t last too long though, I was told we were getting bad publicity; people felt bad for me because it was unusually hot that day and wearing a costume ? yea, the people were sad for the sate I was in. I am glad I went though, because I was able to see all of that.

This is another part of my journey, every weekend, I will take the time to explore my local area, participate in as many festivals as possible: the big ones and the little ones. Each one usually has something unique.


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