buying a bike: learning to trust sales people

a1So on Saturday, I went looking for a bike on Saturday, I went to a used bike Sale in Cologne. They have one every two weeks. I think they also have one in every city. The problem is, can I trust the salesman?

Like many typical buys, that go into a situation without enough information, I go in looking at the salesman as a trickster, a snake; many times they are. I want something for dirt cheap yet I want it almost like new. It is hard to find something like that. Yet, on many of these deal hunter shows they seem to always get something really great for dirt cheap. For me though, it seems that the seller is trying to sale something that is a piece of junk for the depreciated value of a almost new one.

There is nothing wrong with a salesman trying to make a little money or at least not lose a lot of money, that is the reason why they are selling it. There mark up is usually not as high as it would be if you go to a dealership that sales used items, and usually not as high as a pawn shop either. Yet, I find myself trusting the used car dealer more than a personal seller. So why is it like that? why is it hard for me to buy from someone? why am I worried that I will be cheated?

If i buy something used, i should be prepared to fix it up, am I willing to learn how to fix up the bike or whatever item I am buying? That is the prospect of buying something new: In theory, since it is new, their should be no problems and their is a warranty that is guaranteed if it does mess up. That guarantee is a nice. I like that guarantee, even though I am paying full price.

I am not buying a car though, I just want a bike. All of the moving parts, I am sure that if I did buy it used, i can fix it up and getting it to work properly, and more than likely it is better than a Walmart special in quality.

See I need to work on my trust issues. I need to realize that not everyone is trying to take advantage of everyone else. I do not have to buy something and be mad at the seller after the fact. I will get over my trust issues and next time they have the event in Cologne, I will buy a bike. I will, however, go in with more research and have a clear understanding for the type of bike I want and need. I also need to know that I do not have to buy if it doesn’t fit. I do not “need” a bike, I just would love to have one. I will also ask for a lower price. They watn to make a sale and they are always willing to bargain.


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