Colin Kapernick should be applauded not condemned

Sitting down during national anthem is a sign of protest, not used to disrespect America and the people. First of all people need to get off their high horse and stop putting down Colin Kapernick. He did not put down America as a country he is  not trying to defect to another country. The man is using his professional status to stand up for a cause, or at least he says so. The protest did get the media’s attention. If he would have just spoken about the unjust, not many people would have listened. Especially since it is rumored he may be traded and at the moment is not starting. He had to make a bolder statement in order to get everyone’s attention. Do not be mad at the man for what he has done. He did something that has hurt many people feelings, but you should not be mad at what he has done to get your attention, because his methods have not caused anyone any pain and he didn’t make threats, his style was a simple silent protest with great timing. Now, if he is truly sincere about standing up for others, then let’s listen to him and understand the bigger problems that he is addressing. As much as I love my country it is the best country in the world, we have to acknowledge that the country is not perfect. We should applaud when a celebrity use their status to speak of unjust, in order to make the country as great as it possibly can be.


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