Adventures: Marathon in Duesseldorf

Every weekend, up to the time my kid is born, I will go out and enjoy what my region has to offer. From major festivals to small village festivals, i want to be part of it all and document my experience. I want to become a true resident of my community. Events can only grow when others go out and participate and help spread the word. That is my job, and that is what I intend to do.
     Duesseldorf held a half marathon today, Halbmarathon auf dem Ko, I believe that is what it was caused. I went there, partially because i wanted to get out, but mainly because I was working. I dressed up as the school mascot, Spirit today. I danced, took pictures, and had a genuinely good time. Part of the day was rained out, so not so many spectators were present as i would have liked. Wearing a costume allows me to act, because no one can see my face, no one can see the fear, and I do my best to hide the body language that would show signs of discomfort. I can’t say that I do not psych myself out, for i still find ways to do it. So I just have to tell myself, no one knows me, just have a good time and others will be attracted to you. Plus when wearing a costume, all of the kids seem to be drawn to me. They are curious to what a horse is doing standing on two legs.
I didn’t run, but i was tempted to try to run in the costume. I did dance and clap a lot so I did get some exercise.
   I was able to witness people of all ages enjoying themselves. Watching others work toward their goals is so inspiring. There were people there that looked as if they never ran a day in their life, compete to try to show their strength. People with some form of handicaps, run their hearts out to try to compete the race. I was totally inspired to reach my goals. I also realize, that i have no excuse. Watching the competitors, proved to me that all of my excuses, was just me being lazy, was me giving up, because of fear of failure; it was me just giving in and giving up. This will help motivate me to take charge and strive for the best. Hopefully, the motivation will last more than just today.

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