my first body picture

Time to lose the weight. So this is my first document of me making changes as far as weight. I finally was brave enough to take a picture. I always said that I would only take a picture and post it at the end, but i always quit. I am trying to make it a point to keep myself in check, by making sure that I write messages in my blog to document my progress. See even with my blog, i have found times in which I do not feel like writing. Making excuses already can lead to a slow down, or  a break, which would turn into a quick shutdown. that can’t happen. So first step, post a picture, and make weekly updates of progress of the struggles.

First goal, is to have a no sweet days. I had gotten to the point where i would only drink water, but soft drinks have come back into my diet, and I also have no resistance to candy. I am confronted with it both at work and and at home, and i consume it both places, mainly when I am in first of thought. So i have decided to make no candy days. Small steps before I jump into the cleaner eating lifestyle. I can say, that I am not disappointed . I am not where I want to be, but I am not as bad as i thought I was up. The picture doesn’t lie.


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