Undisputed on Fox Sports is the best sports program

Not having the chance to watch American sport programs as often as I used to has limited me to looking up video clips on you tube and whenever something pop ups. recently i stumbled across Undisputed clip on youtube and they were covering the Colin Kaepernick and his protests. I really liked the chemistry between Skip and Shannon Sharp. Plus Sharps answers were very candid and very real. He didn’t dance around the information. While i do think other commentators try their best to speak with honesty, I do feel that they have to give answers in a way that fits with the program, which means that it can’t be as real as it could be.

It isn’t just the openness, which was big on this story, bu it is the instant chemistry that the two had. When I first read that Skp was leaving first take, I didn’t know how well he would do on another show. of course, he is great at what he does, but he and Stephen A Smith were a great duo. I loved the arguments. It seemed though that the match up with Sharp will be just as successful, while First take seems to be still searching for their balance.

I will keep up with Undisputed and I hope that it stays on the path that it has taken.


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