Politically correct? No, its racism

 While searching through the library in which I work, I came across two books, both seemed interesting to say the least. The first is a Jim Knopf book and the other is a book called Vater und Sohn, and it is a graphic novel. While both are quite entertaining, I take nothing away from the stories am quite offended by the character representation of the person of color. When I validation of my thoughts, I was told I was being too politically correct on the issue. Politically correct is a term that people throw around whenever you bring attention to matters when you find something offended. I want to say that while I understand people using the argument, I feel my thinking was Just.

I am always looking for books to read. I have searched through the library looking for books for myself and for my future son. I want to have something to read to him whenever. on the shelves we have some very outdated books. The books were written in the early 1900s, but with each addition, they seem to reproduce. I can tell though, that I am in Germany, because someone else would have complained about these books.

    The stories are very funny. The humor in the books are great, but I would like some changes. In the Jim Knopf books, race is part of the focus, since it is black kid with a white man, but the way that they draw Jim Knopf, could be changed without the story losing its meaning. The exaggerated pink lips is how they used to draw the Sambo dolls. Those type of drawings are basically banned in america. It is not the only racism things that still exist in Germany: they still advertise face paint for Karneval and Halloween so people can paint themselves black. That is highly criticized in America. At times I feel that Germany is more advanced when it comes to racial equality, but with these instances, I see that they still have a long ways to go.

with the other book: vater und sohn, it is a book of comic shorts. every two pages was a story. The joke is that the father and son went to a Freak/Folk show, and made fun of the black people there, but then the two black people made fun of the man’s mustache.

I brought this up to my colleagues at work, and they criticized me for being too politically correct. Everyone can have their opinions, but this came from people who seem to always complain about politics, sexism, feminism, always have issues, but as soon as I bring up racism, they look at me as if it is nonexistent and I am wrong for bringing it up. One even used the example of seeing a black person with curves as to say all black people have curves, which is standard stereotype that black people actually prefer, but it isn’t standard.  The real problem though, is that I am questioning things that they have loved and is part of their childhoods. Now, I am forcing them to questioning their beloved characters. The problem is I am not saying the book is problem. Keep the book, keep the story, just change the picture to look normal and not in a way that someone may find offensive.

Racism still exists here in Germany. I am not looking for it, it just happens to pop out, well mainly because they are not hiding it. The people here are very accepting to these things, because they do not see it as racism. The thing with change though, is that we have to have uncomfortable discussions about topics.


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