Protesting that is disrespectful for the troops

Colin Kaepernick has started a trend that seems to really be catching on. others are starting to kneel and see things from his perspective. It doesn’t seem that it will ever get as big as the ice bucket challenge or the 22 pushups for troops. For various reasons, kneeling during the national anthem, is seen as problematic, even when people realize that kneeling to the flag is not disrespectful to the troops. I can think of other ways I have felt that the troops have been disrespected, but it didn’t receive as much fanfare.

About 10 years back, people were protesting the War. that is nothing new, it is within our rights as citizen to protest war, if we feel that the war is unjust. Of course, people also saw that it was disrespectful for the troops, even though most of the people had no problems with the troops, but had problem with the war. The troops were forced to do what they were told.  In one particular situation though that I found wrong, was when people were protesting the war at a fallen soldier’s funeral. Then I felt that was a bit too much. While the families were mourning the lost of their loved one, some people felt it was the perfect time to protest the war. The media discussed it, but not on such as high note. In the media’s defense, social media was not as strong as now, and didn’t spurn the attention of others like it do now.

    A funeral is a time to mourn, I felt it was the wrong time to have talks, especially since the people that were at the funerals really had no say for the war. It was within the people’s rights as citizens, but it definitely felt disrespectful and bad timing. Let;s fast forward to the he sports venue in which athletes are deciding to peacefully protest during the national anthem. Since football is the biggest sport in America, of course there will be more fanfare, however the reaction that these players are getting from the general public is ridiculous.
    Why are the reactions so much different is the question I am curious about. the only thing I can think about is race: the players protesting are black while the people generally protesting at the funerals are white. Now I must say also the size of the audience makes it garner more attention, but still the acts are on different levels. The people watching the game, should just be ready to enjoy the game; The kneeling should stand out, but it doesn’t detour the way the game will be played. The people that were protesting at the funeral, added to the hurt and took away from the funeral because they were loud at an event that is usually reserved for almost silence.
    The question that is asked to the players, why now? why not last year or a month ago? I do ask that question, but out of curiosity. What was the final straw is the answer that I am looking for. What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? that is what I want to know. Others ask though, in a condescending way. Why does he want to say something now, when he had the chance before? Then they start looking for an alliterative  motive, completely forgetting about the cause, the issue. I say forgetting, I should say not caring about the reason.
    While I am curious to why now, , I am more focused on the issue itself. Lets focus on the problem and lets try to find a solution. It is the same as looking beyond the messenger, but looking at the message. If someone told you the truth, about life. In order to avoid the problem, people focus on the messenger and his shortcomings. When we do this, we do it as a way to stay away from dealing with a problem, so we want to criticize the person that dropped the truth so heavily on us.

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