national anthem racist? sad, lets choose a new song

There is a rumor that the national anthem song has some racial tones that if it was played in its entirety, it would be considered racist. Of course we sing only the opening verse. There is a third verse to the original song written by Francis Scott Key. Both sides of the issues have been weighed and both sides have given their perspective to why or why it isn’t. At the end of the day, I am not sure, but I do have a couple alternatives that I am ready to vote if we ever consider a replacement.

Two songs that I love are America the beautiful and Proud to be an American. Now, I understand the problem with both of these songs. They are songs, and not Anthems. It is hard for me to think of a quick 1 min part of the song that can fit for an anthem. I love the song in its entirety. When Ray Charles sang America the beautiful at one of the sports event, I was quite blown away. His rendition was quite impressive. Of course others could repeat it and it would still be quite entertaining. Same with proud to be an American. Every time the main line comes on, I immediately stand up, with my hand over my heart. The lyrics clearly state what you should do, and it is hard to resist.

The national Anthem can be sung without music, would America the Beautiful and Proud to be an American still be as good if sung Acapella? I don’t think so, unless you had some harmony with it, but maybe it would nto sound as good. this is one reason to keep it the same.

A reason to change it though, is that I feel that more people will actually know the lyrics to these songs. So many people only move their lips. If I could check, I am willing to bet that more people would have America the Beautiful or Proud to be an American on their mp3 vs the national anthem.

While these are not very compelling arguments, if we did decide to change the national anthem, these two candidates should be at the top of the list. Of course, I am not saying the current song is bad. Based on the arguments, I am not convinced it is racist. Even if it was, and the writer was also racist, it was part of the times. There are a lot of people that were racist, but we can hate the messenger but not the message. Minus the last part, it is still a powerful song.


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