President Trump will be successful: Let’s wait and See

Its is becoming close to the time that President Elect Donald Trump will step into office and build a legacy in politics similar to his in business. It seems that every article that has come out since then, has been nothing but controversial. Trump still seems to try to bully companies, which seems to get a rise out of the companies. It does make it seem that he is looking out for American jobs. I am curious to see if this bullying style will work outside of the political world. Just with my thoughts and everyone else, all we can say is “Wait and see.”

Wait and see how things are once Trump is in office. Will these tactics make companies stay and keep jobs in America, would other countries back down at his bullying or will business go as usual, similar to how things happen in politics.

In the case of GM versus Trump, Trump accused GM of making cars in Mexico and then sending them here into the US and selling them. GM came back and stated that they do make the majority of the Chevy Cruzes in America, and that the hatchback is made in Mexico to fit the market there. Of course a few are brought into America. During the election Trump would throw out comments similar to these and the media would eat them up. When the person that is attacked responds, even if they prove the comment to be weak or not true, once the comment is out there, it is hard to erase it from the minds. While GM does make the cars in America, a sliver of what Trump says is true, which makes people following his style of politics ok with it. Will this hurt GM? we have to wait and see. It did hurt everyone that ran against him during the campaign race.

I don’t care about this style of politics. I am waiting to see, however, if Trump will also try to handle all companies like this, and is this how he will approach other countries. If he attacks all countries like this, I would be quite impressed. Will it change things? I don’t know. If I am not mistake the Democrats also tried something to lowering taxes for products to be made in the US and raising the prices for products to be imported.

This line of thinking goes along with Trumps promises. Now just like with President Obama, I will not hold things against him if Congress goes against his plans. Obama, attempted to try to get things done, but Congress, at moments stepped in a prevented it. So Trump wants to drain the swamp? Will he? Bring Jobs back to America, lets wait and see.


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