The day my life changed!

Just over 2 months ago, my son, baby Justus was born. I have been preparing for the day, but nothing could prepare me for what happened. The day he was born, and all of the fear of a tough labor pregnancy, as soon as I saw him, I knew I had changed. My wife’s pregnancy was amazing. She rarely had problems and for the most part it was complete enjoyment. that was, about 30 minutes before the baby was born. Placenta praevia happened before I knew what was going on, and she was rushed out of the delivery room into the operating room. according to her from what the doctors told her, 18 minutes later it was over. It seemed like it was longer than that, but never the less, after that period of time, I was quite exhausted.

My German is ok, but not good enough in high stress situations. The nurse kept reassuring me that everything was ok. it was the few words that she was able to say in English. Of course, I am in the room, I see how the doctors are behaving, you can fake a smile, and words but body language is hard to fake. Something was wrong. Even after he was out and crying, they took him to another room and ran tests on him. I was told later that they were going to rush him to a children’s hospital. The ambulance was already called.

Luckily, the decision was reversed and he was allowed to stay. I was able to hold him once we went to another room. Justus and I were taken out of the room, while Silvia stayed in the OP. I was told to focus on him and the doctors would take care of my wife.

I was told to take off my shirt so Justus and I could cuddle. Skin to skin contact was necessary. He and I laid in bed covered with a blanket until Silvia was brought back into the room. That moment, I was a better man. In that moment, I made a vow to be a better man than my father. I promised that I would be at every event that he partook in, if I could.

I am also glad that I was in Germany and not in America. I was able to Paternity leave. I couldn’t take the whole time off, because I am worried about keeping my job, but I still took off three days of every week for a month. I have enjoyed every month that I have able to be with him and my wife.

Right now, I am on holiday break. Another advantage of working as a teacher is having holiday times off. Where there is a lack of money of having a year round job, there are many days I can actually spend time with the family.

I always say a smile can make a day go from bad to amazing. Justus is now at the time when he is “cooing” and he is smiling. Every thing he does, smile, poop, even cry, I am very happy. I love being a parent. I love being a dad. My life has changed and I am loving every moment of it.


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