Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers, who is better? My opinion is…

Two of my favorite sport shows, which are also technically competing: Undisputed and First Take, had a debate about which quarterback is better. Everyone gave their opinion, and I will have to say: “I agree.”

I agree with well, almost everyone. Everyone made relevant points and just like a debate where there is no real answer, it was basically a draw because it is hard to compare the two. There are a lot of factors. Because I want to throw my answer in though, I will. I will say who I think is the better quarterback.

Before I get into this, I am not qualified. I was never a great sports athlete, even though I like to claim “what could have been.” I am just a fan that loves the sports and love to watch these debate shows. I love all four of the tv personalities. I love watching the clips, so who will I say is better? I choose Aaron Rodgers. It is not for the reasons that others have presented.

Winning super bowls are great, but to me they are not everything to prove a players greatness. The worst player on the team, will get a ring. While they are valuable to a team, they would not be considered the best. Aaron Rodgers only has one, while  Tom Brady has four rings. I do give him credit for guiding his teams to that many Super Bowls, he is a true champion, but there is one factor that really detracts from him being my top pick: Matt Cassel and Patriot Culture.

Why Matt Cassel? Matt Cassel has been in the NFL since 2005 when he was selected in the 7th round by the Patriots. The majority of the time he was the backup quarterback. Matter of fact he didn’t get much playing time while he was at USC either. in 2008, after Tom Brady tore his ACL in the first quarter in the Season Opener, he went on to lead the Patriots to a 10 and 5 record. Knowing his stock had went up and Tom Brady would be healthy the next year, Matt Cassel, took a huge offer to start In Kansas City. Since that one miraculous season in England, he has only had one winning season since.

Why does his stats matter to the career for Tom Brady, it is simple. With the culture that is established in New England from the coach to all of the players, almost any quarterback could have similar success. We can take any quarterback such as Mark Sanchez, Gino Smith, or any other mid card quarterbacks could have had a very decent career if they would have played within the established system set up with the patriots. of course they would not have won the super bowl as often, and would not have put up the same numbers as Tom Brady, but they would have been a playoff bound team.

Aaron Rodgers if would have had the chance to play for the patriots, would probably have beat the Giants both times in the  Super Bowl.

So if you include all of the stats of that the four analyst stated on both Undisputed and First take and add in the winning Culture, I feel my argument would put Aaron Rodgers over the edge.


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