Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers, who is better? My opinion is…

Two of my favorite sport shows, which are also technically competing: Undisputed and First Take, had a debate about which quarterback is better. Everyone gave their opinion, and I will have to say: “I agree.”

I agree with well, almost everyone. Everyone made relevant points and just like a debate where there is no real answer, it was basically a draw because it is hard to compare the two. There are a lot of factors. Because I want to throw my answer in though, I will. I will say who I think is the better quarterback.

Before I get into this, I am not qualified. I was never a great sports athlete, even though I like to claim “what could have been.” I am just a fan that loves the sports and love to watch these debate shows. I love all four of the tv personalities. I love watching the clips, so who will I say is better? I choose Aaron Rodgers. It is not for the reasons that others have presented.

Winning super bowls are great, but to me they are not everything to prove a players greatness. The worst player on the team, will get a ring. While they are valuable to a team, they would not be considered the best. Aaron Rodgers only has one, while  Tom Brady has four rings. I do give him credit for guiding his teams to that many Super Bowls, he is a true champion, but there is one factor that really detracts from him being my top pick: Matt Cassel and Patriot Culture.

Why Matt Cassel? Matt Cassel has been in the NFL since 2005 when he was selected in the 7th round by the Patriots. The majority of the time he was the backup quarterback. Matter of fact he didn’t get much playing time while he was at USC either. in 2008, after Tom Brady tore his ACL in the first quarter in the Season Opener, he went on to lead the Patriots to a 10 and 5 record. Knowing his stock had went up and Tom Brady would be healthy the next year, Matt Cassel, took a huge offer to start In Kansas City. Since that one miraculous season in England, he has only had one winning season since.

Why does his stats matter to the career for Tom Brady, it is simple. With the culture that is established in New England from the coach to all of the players, almost any quarterback could have similar success. We can take any quarterback such as Mark Sanchez, Gino Smith, or any other mid card quarterbacks could have had a very decent career if they would have played within the established system set up with the patriots. of course they would not have won the super bowl as often, and would not have put up the same numbers as Tom Brady, but they would have been a playoff bound team.

Aaron Rodgers if would have had the chance to play for the patriots, would probably have beat the Giants both times in the  Super Bowl.

So if you include all of the stats of that the four analyst stated on both Undisputed and First take and add in the winning Culture, I feel my argument would put Aaron Rodgers over the edge.


national anthem racist? sad, lets choose a new song

There is a rumor that the national anthem song has some racial tones that if it was played in its entirety, it would be considered racist. Of course we sing only the opening verse. There is a third verse to the original song written by Francis Scott Key. Both sides of the issues have been weighed and both sides have given their perspective to why or why it isn’t. At the end of the day, I am not sure, but I do have a couple alternatives that I am ready to vote if we ever consider a replacement.

Two songs that I love are America the beautiful and Proud to be an American. Now, I understand the problem with both of these songs. They are songs, and not Anthems. It is hard for me to think of a quick 1 min part of the song that can fit for an anthem. I love the song in its entirety. When Ray Charles sang America the beautiful at one of the sports event, I was quite blown away. His rendition was quite impressive. Of course others could repeat it and it would still be quite entertaining. Same with proud to be an American. Every time the main line comes on, I immediately stand up, with my hand over my heart. The lyrics clearly state what you should do, and it is hard to resist.

The national Anthem can be sung without music, would America the Beautiful and Proud to be an American still be as good if sung Acapella? I don’t think so, unless you had some harmony with it, but maybe it would nto sound as good. this is one reason to keep it the same.

A reason to change it though, is that I feel that more people will actually know the lyrics to these songs. So many people only move their lips. If I could check, I am willing to bet that more people would have America the Beautiful or Proud to be an American on their mp3 vs the national anthem.

While these are not very compelling arguments, if we did decide to change the national anthem, these two candidates should be at the top of the list. Of course, I am not saying the current song is bad. Based on the arguments, I am not convinced it is racist. Even if it was, and the writer was also racist, it was part of the times. There are a lot of people that were racist, but we can hate the messenger but not the message. Minus the last part, it is still a powerful song.

Protesting that is disrespectful for the troops

Colin Kaepernick has started a trend that seems to really be catching on. others are starting to kneel and see things from his perspective. It doesn’t seem that it will ever get as big as the ice bucket challenge or the 22 pushups for troops. For various reasons, kneeling during the national anthem, is seen as problematic, even when people realize that kneeling to the flag is not disrespectful to the troops. I can think of other ways I have felt that the troops have been disrespected, but it didn’t receive as much fanfare.

About 10 years back, people were protesting the War. that is nothing new, it is within our rights as citizen to protest war, if we feel that the war is unjust. Of course, people also saw that it was disrespectful for the troops, even though most of the people had no problems with the troops, but had problem with the war. The troops were forced to do what they were told.  In one particular situation though that I found wrong, was when people were protesting the war at a fallen soldier’s funeral. Then I felt that was a bit too much. While the families were mourning the lost of their loved one, some people felt it was the perfect time to protest the war. The media discussed it, but not on such as high note. In the media’s defense, social media was not as strong as now, and didn’t spurn the attention of others like it do now.

    A funeral is a time to mourn, I felt it was the wrong time to have talks, especially since the people that were at the funerals really had no say for the war. It was within the people’s rights as citizens, but it definitely felt disrespectful and bad timing. Let;s fast forward to the he sports venue in which athletes are deciding to peacefully protest during the national anthem. Since football is the biggest sport in America, of course there will be more fanfare, however the reaction that these players are getting from the general public is ridiculous.
    Why are the reactions so much different is the question I am curious about. the only thing I can think about is race: the players protesting are black while the people generally protesting at the funerals are white. Now I must say also the size of the audience makes it garner more attention, but still the acts are on different levels. The people watching the game, should just be ready to enjoy the game; The kneeling should stand out, but it doesn’t detour the way the game will be played. The people that were protesting at the funeral, added to the hurt and took away from the funeral because they were loud at an event that is usually reserved for almost silence.
    The question that is asked to the players, why now? why not last year or a month ago? I do ask that question, but out of curiosity. What was the final straw is the answer that I am looking for. What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? that is what I want to know. Others ask though, in a condescending way. Why does he want to say something now, when he had the chance before? Then they start looking for an alliterative  motive, completely forgetting about the cause, the issue. I say forgetting, I should say not caring about the reason.
    While I am curious to why now, , I am more focused on the issue itself. Lets focus on the problem and lets try to find a solution. It is the same as looking beyond the messenger, but looking at the message. If someone told you the truth, about life. In order to avoid the problem, people focus on the messenger and his shortcomings. When we do this, we do it as a way to stay away from dealing with a problem, so we want to criticize the person that dropped the truth so heavily on us.

Politically correct? No, its racism

 While searching through the library in which I work, I came across two books, both seemed interesting to say the least. The first is a Jim Knopf book and the other is a book called Vater und Sohn, and it is a graphic novel. While both are quite entertaining, I take nothing away from the stories am quite offended by the character representation of the person of color. When I validation of my thoughts, I was told I was being too politically correct on the issue. Politically correct is a term that people throw around whenever you bring attention to matters when you find something offended. I want to say that while I understand people using the argument, I feel my thinking was Just.

I am always looking for books to read. I have searched through the library looking for books for myself and for my future son. I want to have something to read to him whenever. on the shelves we have some very outdated books. The books were written in the early 1900s, but with each addition, they seem to reproduce. I can tell though, that I am in Germany, because someone else would have complained about these books.

    The stories are very funny. The humor in the books are great, but I would like some changes. In the Jim Knopf books, race is part of the focus, since it is black kid with a white man, but the way that they draw Jim Knopf, could be changed without the story losing its meaning. The exaggerated pink lips is how they used to draw the Sambo dolls. Those type of drawings are basically banned in america. It is not the only racism things that still exist in Germany: they still advertise face paint for Karneval and Halloween so people can paint themselves black. That is highly criticized in America. At times I feel that Germany is more advanced when it comes to racial equality, but with these instances, I see that they still have a long ways to go.

with the other book: vater und sohn, it is a book of comic shorts. every two pages was a story. The joke is that the father and son went to a Freak/Folk show, and made fun of the black people there, but then the two black people made fun of the man’s mustache.

I brought this up to my colleagues at work, and they criticized me for being too politically correct. Everyone can have their opinions, but this came from people who seem to always complain about politics, sexism, feminism, always have issues, but as soon as I bring up racism, they look at me as if it is nonexistent and I am wrong for bringing it up. One even used the example of seeing a black person with curves as to say all black people have curves, which is standard stereotype that black people actually prefer, but it isn’t standard.  The real problem though, is that I am questioning things that they have loved and is part of their childhoods. Now, I am forcing them to questioning their beloved characters. The problem is I am not saying the book is problem. Keep the book, keep the story, just change the picture to look normal and not in a way that someone may find offensive.

Racism still exists here in Germany. I am not looking for it, it just happens to pop out, well mainly because they are not hiding it. The people here are very accepting to these things, because they do not see it as racism. The thing with change though, is that we have to have uncomfortable discussions about topics.

surround yourself with people that can help you grow

Everyone has room to grow, to become a better version of themselves. To go further in life, it is great if we surround ourselves with people that will help us reach goals that, at the moment, may seem out of reach; even if that means abandoning the people closest to you.

I, like many others, always set goals in which to get better. I have set lofty goals so many times, yet to abandon them so quickly. Goals such as getting in shape has been one that I have at many times stated “this is it.” Two years ago, I had made it up in my mind and I stuck with it. At first I stood alone in my task, but eventually when I proved to myself and others that I was in for the long run, others joined in my ranks. I was able to get support from people that I had inspired, but also I sought out others who I could seek some motivation from. The more I surrounded myself with people that had already enjoying the benefits of hard work, the harder it became for me to give in. I couldn’t be the weak link, for I wanted to claim my own standing.

There is something wondrous when you can share your success and progress with others. We are social beings and we embrace the comfort of others. People around us usually cheer us on, encourage us to become better. Help us when we are weak, and brag upon when we are strong.

At moments the greatest people that are threats to us reaching full potential are the very people we hold dear. My uncle always stated that some groups of people, are like crabs in a bucket. Whenever one tries to climb out, they are stopped and pulled down by another. It can be argued that really the second crab is really trying to grab on so it can also escape, but what actually happens is that they both end up remaining trapped. Whether it is through jealousy, or for another reason, friends can hold you back. For they do not share the same feelings about some topics as you., which could lead you and them astray. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it could happen.

Most of the time people do not have ill intentions when they get in your way. The people you are around enjoy the lifestyle that they are living and just do not want to change. And why should they? Whenever you hope to reach a lofty goal, many times that means you have to make some changes from your current state of being, even make sacrifices that your currently would not hold for granted. One example is through my family. We love to eat. The majority of us are a bit overweight. We are a living testament of love going through the stomach. We had so many eating contests, I have lost count; We favored restaurants that had all you can eat buffets, and you always asked for seconds when someone cooked. We ate to celebrate and honor every occasion. As well we ate through all the types of human emotions. I was one of the ones that everyone knew could eat a lot, and I did so with a passion. A sign for others to know if i loved the food, was if I ate multiple portions. Two years ago, I started to change my eating habits. I had gotten too overweight. The people around me though, started to ask me if I was sick, or if the food didn’t taste good, mainly because they were used to my old eating habits. For that was the only thing that had changed.

Mom had it the hardest, for she couldn’t cook the way she normally would. See my biggest problem is that I am addicted to food. If it is in front of me, I would eat it, and I couldn’t stop at a small portion. I learned the best way was to just stay away. Do not sit at the table, or not go into the restaurants. My methods were a bit unorthodox, but it is what i did to get in shape. I had to make changes, but the changes were uncomfortable for others, it happens. After awhile everyone got used to the new me, but it took changes.

Not everyone is ready for the changes, and not everyone is going to be able to adjust. Depending on how and what you do to reach your goals, you have to be willing to embrace change. That could mean not going out as much, that could mean not hanging with the same crowd. That is hard though, because we are social creatures, so the best thing to do is find people that are similar to you. Find people that share the same passion as you. When they have the same passion and desires, you will be able to go further and reach your goals.

Undisputed on Fox Sports is the best sports program

Not having the chance to watch American sport programs as often as I used to has limited me to looking up video clips on you tube and whenever something pop ups. recently i stumbled across Undisputed clip on youtube and they were covering the Colin Kaepernick and his protests. I really liked the chemistry between Skip and Shannon Sharp. Plus Sharps answers were very candid and very real. He didn’t dance around the information. While i do think other commentators try their best to speak with honesty, I do feel that they have to give answers in a way that fits with the program, which means that it can’t be as real as it could be.

It isn’t just the openness, which was big on this story, bu it is the instant chemistry that the two had. When I first read that Skp was leaving first take, I didn’t know how well he would do on another show. of course, he is great at what he does, but he and Stephen A Smith were a great duo. I loved the arguments. It seemed though that the match up with Sharp will be just as successful, while First take seems to be still searching for their balance.

I will keep up with Undisputed and I hope that it stays on the path that it has taken.

The power in saying no.

I find myself always in situations in which I would much rather not be in. The reason for this? I have a hard time saying no. Part of it is, I want to feel needed, so when someone asks me to do something, and I am able to get the job done, I will get the satisfaction that I was able to complete a task for someone. 

    When I finally start to feel used and I become tired of just going along with the norm, I then start to resent the people that I didn’t say no to. Learning to say “NO” has been hard for me to do. One reason is when if I say no, would people still like me? Of course, I know the answer to this. If they do not like me only because I do not do what they want, then they do not matter. There is a chance though, that the others would respect me more, because I am showing that I have a backbone. Knowing one thing though, is different from acting out.
    At work fear may develop if one says no, and there would be a chance that the boss would not give you an opportunity to grow. I have tried to say no recently to something. I even had my game plan worked out. I gave excellent reasons to shy saying “no” was the best answer. It technically didn’t work, for i still ended up doing what I didn’t want to do, yet there was a compromise. I would only have to do the extra work for a certain time.
    My first actual job, I said no to something, and I blew up and quit because the boss was not as cooperative, and lacked leadership skills. Since then though, I have been compensating, by just saying yes, and when I do not want to say yes, I will say no, and I would give reasons. All others have to say is “Come on,” and they would talk me into it.
    Before I keep going I need to say this. My mom always felt that I was too much for a people’s pleaser and I was too gullible. She always worried that anyone would be able to talk me into doing something even when I knew it wasn’t right. Parts of her fear is true, but I have never taken drugs, and there have been many things that I never did, for the most part my morals were never compromised.
     When it was something legal, and basically unethical, I am easily persuaded to do almost anything. My weak areas, Food, taking on extra jobs, and doing activities that I would not find exciting. My hardest area is food. Everyone I know is basically a foodie. We have food with every activity: party, wedding, birthday, death, everything. When people offer food, then you are supposed to try it and tell them how good it is. In this culture at least it seems that you have to accept seconds, or it may seem that you do not like the food. Well that is my problem because people know I can eat a lot, and I usually do. When I don’t eat they take it as me not being happy, or not liking their food. My reason of trying to lose weight, seems not to be acceptable.
   with work, I feel that, what I do, can help make the job go smoother. What ends up happening is that no matter how much work i do, seems that more work appears, and I never get appreciated for it.
So saying no has to be an option. Saying no will give me the freedom to be happier and do things that will make me happy.
I do not say no, because I hate when others tell me “no.” i fear hearing “no” so much, until I don’t ask for things half the time, because I expect others would say no. Asking a girl out was something that i rarely did, only when I knew for sure that she would say yes, but why should I fear hearing no, and why do i fear saying no.
Saying no, frees you up to say yes to what you really want to do. Just like saying no is others prerogative, and when they say no, it isn’t like the no caused you physical pain and it shouldn’t cause you any mental pain either. Once you know the the answer, it frees you up to make steps in another direction, versus always contemplating what may be said.
While I am still learning how to say is, I understand its power and how it has to be used. Will I still end up doing things I do not want? yes, of course, that goes without he job, but will others at least know how I really feel. Al of this leads to honesty.