President Trump will be successful: Let’s wait and See

Its is becoming close to the time that President Elect Donald Trump will step into office and build a legacy in politics similar to his in business. It seems that every article that has come out since then, has been nothing but controversial. Trump still seems to try to bully companies, which seems to get a rise out of the companies. It does make it seem that he is looking out for American jobs. I am curious to see if this bullying style will work outside of the political world. Just with my thoughts and everyone else, all we can say is “Wait and see.”

Wait and see how things are once Trump is in office. Will these tactics make companies stay and keep jobs in America, would other countries back down at his bullying or will business go as usual, similar to how things happen in politics.

In the case of GM versus Trump, Trump accused GM of making cars in Mexico and then sending them here into the US and selling them. GM came back and stated that they do make the majority of the Chevy Cruzes in America, and that the hatchback is made in Mexico to fit the market there. Of course a few are brought into America. During the election Trump would throw out comments similar to these and the media would eat them up. When the person that is attacked responds, even if they prove the comment to be weak or not true, once the comment is out there, it is hard to erase it from the minds. While GM does make the cars in America, a sliver of what Trump says is true, which makes people following his style of politics ok with it. Will this hurt GM? we have to wait and see. It did hurt everyone that ran against him during the campaign race.

I don’t care about this style of politics. I am waiting to see, however, if Trump will also try to handle all companies like this, and is this how he will approach other countries. If he attacks all countries like this, I would be quite impressed. Will it change things? I don’t know. If I am not mistake the Democrats also tried something to lowering taxes for products to be made in the US and raising the prices for products to be imported.

This line of thinking goes along with Trumps promises. Now just like with President Obama, I will not hold things against him if Congress goes against his plans. Obama, attempted to try to get things done, but Congress, at moments stepped in a prevented it. So Trump wants to drain the swamp? Will he? Bring Jobs back to America, lets wait and see.


Family, wife, me: Keeping life in perspective

As soon as my baby was born, life came into perspective. Some things became fuzzy, while others became clear. I was ready to become a father. I was ready to turn 30. I was preparing myself to be the best father as I could be. Within a short time, I realized though, that while I will try to be the best daddy possible, I cannot forget to remain a husband. This post is just a reminder to not only do my best to be a great family man, but also to make sure that I keep my relationship with my wife strong as well as keep myself in check.

Throughout my short life, I have been able to observe examples of men going through a midlife crisis. Media, in all forms have displayed how men, at a certain point in time, when they start to reflect on their lives, go find a younger “hot” woman, buy a sports car, and just leaves their family. Usually in the movies and television shows, the women are left devastated. The men were not usually displayed as bad husbands, they just up and decided to leave.

My interpretation of this is that they went from focusing on the family to focusing on themselves. Of course it isn’t bad that the man starts to think about himself and his well being; it was the timing. Everyone should think about themselves at least a little. I will make sure that I do not forget about myself, while I am doing my best to be a great parent. The part that I want to write about the most though, Is to make sure you do not forget about your wife.

On my wife and I anniversary, I wrote her a letter, and in it I requested that we go on a date two weeks before or with in the four weeks of the birth of our son. I made this request in order for us to focus on our relationship. During this date, we would just go to a restaurant that is three houses down, maybe eat our food as fast as possible and get out within 30 min. The point of it though, would just to spend some time just with each other and focus on us. We would probably speak a lot of about baby J and probably think about him every minute, but we are devoting time to us, we would be establishing a routine to make sure that we keep us in focus as well as the family dynamics.

One of my favorite singers, is Bobby Rush, and he has a song called “Wearing it out.” like many blues songs it is in the sexual nature, but the lyrics of why it is important are about ensuring that the relationship stays strong. In one stanza, Bobby mentions a conversation he has had about women leaving their men. The men would state that they didn’t do anything wrong. He reiterated that it may not be what they did, but what they did not do. He also discusses about couples first start dating and they hold hands or cuddle while one is driving, but after years, they drive with both hands on the steering wheels and the passenger are sitting on the side.

The bottom line is that we have to ensure that while we are going through lives, that we do not lose focus on every relationship that we are apart of. The family, the relationship between partners, and then yourself. The family, if you are reading this blog,  then that is one part that you will focus on, The relationship, is the step that is often over looked but hopefully you will start to take the time to review your personal relationship with your spouse. Sample questions that you can ask are: When was the last time you went out with your spouse? When and how long was your conversation with your wife that had nothing to do with the family and bills, but about each other. Evaluate and constantly try to find that perfect balance.

Bondelino review

In preparation of baby Justus, I wanted to get something that I have seen so many people wear to carry their baby. I have watching the wraps that people carry their children in. It looked too complicated so I wanted one that was easy to put on and I would feel the child was secure and we chose the Bondelino.

    As you can tell from the picture, I have yet to try it with an actually kid; I have only practiced with a stuffed Kermit the frog, but I was able to see how to put on the suit. I know baby J will be moving, but with all of the other forms, this way is very easy. The set up is very simple to put on. I was even given a tip by a friend to how to put the piece on without doing the suggested way as given by the instructions. While I do love to follow the instructions, it is more complicated. That would be for another time. The main point is that is a way I can carry Baby J, keep him close to me, yet I still have both hands free. When I feel more comfortable, I can also put the child on my back like a backpack and carry him.  using velcro, and a couple straps is all that I need to be able to carry the kid.

     There are also some pockets that I can store things for the child, maybe even my wallet. The bondelino is made of very durable material and I feel that it will be able to last many years even with heavy wear and tear. I give it 2 thumbs up.

Adventures: Marathon in Duesseldorf

Every weekend, up to the time my kid is born, I will go out and enjoy what my region has to offer. From major festivals to small village festivals, i want to be part of it all and document my experience. I want to become a true resident of my community. Events can only grow when others go out and participate and help spread the word. That is my job, and that is what I intend to do.
     Duesseldorf held a half marathon today, Halbmarathon auf dem Ko, I believe that is what it was caused. I went there, partially because i wanted to get out, but mainly because I was working. I dressed up as the school mascot, Spirit today. I danced, took pictures, and had a genuinely good time. Part of the day was rained out, so not so many spectators were present as i would have liked. Wearing a costume allows me to act, because no one can see my face, no one can see the fear, and I do my best to hide the body language that would show signs of discomfort. I can’t say that I do not psych myself out, for i still find ways to do it. So I just have to tell myself, no one knows me, just have a good time and others will be attracted to you. Plus when wearing a costume, all of the kids seem to be drawn to me. They are curious to what a horse is doing standing on two legs.
I didn’t run, but i was tempted to try to run in the costume. I did dance and clap a lot so I did get some exercise.
   I was able to witness people of all ages enjoying themselves. Watching others work toward their goals is so inspiring. There were people there that looked as if they never ran a day in their life, compete to try to show their strength. People with some form of handicaps, run their hearts out to try to compete the race. I was totally inspired to reach my goals. I also realize, that i have no excuse. Watching the competitors, proved to me that all of my excuses, was just me being lazy, was me giving up, because of fear of failure; it was me just giving in and giving up. This will help motivate me to take charge and strive for the best. Hopefully, the motivation will last more than just today.

my first body picture

Time to lose the weight. So this is my first document of me making changes as far as weight. I finally was brave enough to take a picture. I always said that I would only take a picture and post it at the end, but i always quit. I am trying to make it a point to keep myself in check, by making sure that I write messages in my blog to document my progress. See even with my blog, i have found times in which I do not feel like writing. Making excuses already can lead to a slow down, or  a break, which would turn into a quick shutdown. that can’t happen. So first step, post a picture, and make weekly updates of progress of the struggles.

First goal, is to have a no sweet days. I had gotten to the point where i would only drink water, but soft drinks have come back into my diet, and I also have no resistance to candy. I am confronted with it both at work and and at home, and i consume it both places, mainly when I am in first of thought. So i have decided to make no candy days. Small steps before I jump into the cleaner eating lifestyle. I can say, that I am not disappointed . I am not where I want to be, but I am not as bad as i thought I was up. The picture doesn’t lie.

Adventure Time: local Attractions

me travelingPart of my development of the new me is to step outside of myself and to do things that I never would do before. I always hated traveling alone and doing stuff, so I decided to change that by going on trips. So many events happen where around where i live. This weekend I wanted to see them, and I went to them alone.

Saturday 27, I went to shopping type things. Lidl, the grocery store that I use the most has weekly sales on different items outside of food. One week they might have America week, in which they sale food and items from or based in America. The next week will be fishing, sports, etc. After three or so months, they collect everything that did not sale and of course did not go bad and have a sale. I decided to go to it. It was in Solingen, which took me about an hour on a bus to get to the destination. I knew that any of the best items would be taken, bu what if there would be things that I wanted to have but just was not willing to pay full price for. I am always looking for a deal. I had never been to Solingen, outside of the train station, so this was a new experience. First of all the city is pretty. It is clean as far as I could tell. I will definitely go back to the city again, especially if their is a festival in the area, which, if you live in Germany there are always some type of festival.

I ended up going to Eissport Hall, Once I got in range, I knew I was in the right place when I saw people coming out with garbage bags full of stuff. My excitement grew, because maybe I would find some really great things. The impulse to buy is unbelievable, of course you have to be reasonable. some things seemed not to be really on sale, some items were incomplete, mainly because people were pillaging through the items and just throwing it around, it seemed to be chaos. I did find some items that I wanted and I did save money. I will go again. As soon as I left, I decided to go to a used bike sale in Cologne. From Opladen, it could be a 20 min ride, but from Solingen, it seemed to take over an hour. The bus I took stopped at every stop on its way to the train station, there was no a/c, and the sun was out. It was hot. This was one of the times that I wished I had a car. not driving though, I had the chance to look around and focus on what is going on.

I made it to Cologne and once again I had to figure out my way around. This was not a stretch that I was used to taking. The used bike sale was near Koln Arcaden, next to the Burgerpark. I was there late and not as many bikes were there, but I was glad that I went. I didn’t buy a bike, I had the sinking feeling that I was going to get ripped off. that is another topic, but i was glad I went.

ON Sunday, I went to Duesseldorf, because I was supposed to work NRW Tag was going on and also I saw on the way there, that Dusseldorf was also hosting a Gourmet food Festival. I had the chance to participate in both of them. I even had the chance to eat a Deer Bratwurst, it was the best tasting bratwurst I had ever had in my life. I also was able to get a free scoop of ice cream from Emirates taste of the world. I had a banana flavor one, it was fantastic. What I loved most about this festival was that they had unique foods that I would not be able to eat at anytime. Even the traditional foods, many had unique spin that I would love. Most of the festivals around here usually have unique beer. Te thing is I do not drink, so I do not get to participate in it. For NRW Tag, i dressed up as a horse, that was part of my job. It didn’t last too long though, I was told we were getting bad publicity; people felt bad for me because it was unusually hot that day and wearing a costume ? yea, the people were sad for the sate I was in. I am glad I went though, because I was able to see all of that.

This is another part of my journey, every weekend, I will take the time to explore my local area, participate in as many festivals as possible: the big ones and the little ones. Each one usually has something unique.

Colin Kapernick should be applauded not condemned

Sitting down during national anthem is a sign of protest, not used to disrespect America and the people. First of all people need to get off their high horse and stop putting down Colin Kapernick. He did not put down America as a country he is  not trying to defect to another country. The man is using his professional status to stand up for a cause, or at least he says so. The protest did get the media’s attention. If he would have just spoken about the unjust, not many people would have listened. Especially since it is rumored he may be traded and at the moment is not starting. He had to make a bolder statement in order to get everyone’s attention. Do not be mad at the man for what he has done. He did something that has hurt many people feelings, but you should not be mad at what he has done to get your attention, because his methods have not caused anyone any pain and he didn’t make threats, his style was a simple silent protest with great timing. Now, if he is truly sincere about standing up for others, then let’s listen to him and understand the bigger problems that he is addressing. As much as I love my country it is the best country in the world, we have to acknowledge that the country is not perfect. We should applaud when a celebrity use their status to speak of unjust, in order to make the country as great as it possibly can be.